Old Funky Sauce with Steve - Firecracker Jam
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Favorite Things - Firecracker Jam
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Keep on Keepin On - Firecracker Jam
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Firecracker Jam might be one of the only Jam Bands you will ever hear without a guitar. However once the Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Swing, and Bluegrass get thrown into a blender and put on high- you will be immersed into a world where Electric Mandolin, Bass, and Drums produce a huge, high energy sound that is truly state of the art.  
     Firecracker Jam formed on July 4th 2013 with Billy Berger (Mandolin/Vocals) Mike Riley (Bass/Vocals) and Dave Hanowitz (Drums/Vocals). It immediately became clear that with their vast musical background and unusual instrumentation, they had created a fresh new sound that is almost uncategorizable. To date they have played over 300 shows at venues and festivals in VA, NC, WV and D.C. including 2 appearances on local television and airplay on local radio! 
    "When talking genre, Firecracker Jam almost defies description!" (Suzanne Ramsey, Lynchburg Living Magazine)
     Firecracker Jam seems to have found its niche in the music festival scene. With long improvised jams, positive lyrics and an upbeat groove, they are right at home on any festival stage. 
    "Our goal is to get people up dancing and moving to the music to create a symbiotic energy of positivity that sends everyone home feeling wonderful!" (Billy Berger, lead mandolin and vocals)
    Ever heard a Mandolin sound like a Hammond Organ? With the use of live looping and an array of effects, Billy is able to create an infectious symphony of sound that satisfies all musical taste and age groups. Peppered with covers from groups such as Phish, Grateful Dead, Keller Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd (to name a few) and an array of Swing Jazz and Bluegrass standards, they are able to draw in just the right crowd to enjoy their dynamic originals.